Alternatives to Incarceration

The Mission of the La Plata County Sheriff's Office Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) Division:

To provide the criminal justice community with alternatives to incarceration for offenders as ordered by the court through strict community supervision and structured reintegration services.


Defendants are assigned to Pre-Trial supervision at the courts discretion. Supervision may consist of any of the following: daily contact, weekly contact, electronic home monitoring (may include alcohol monitoring, GPS tracking or both) and/or alcohol/illegal substance monitoring by an outside approved testing facility. The purpose of any monitoring is to ensure compliance with bond conditions set by the Court, and to reduce the failure to comply rate. Defendants are required to pay monthly supervision costs while assigned to the Pre-Trial Services program.


The objective of the program is to reduce the amount of jail time served by converting a portion of that time to Electronic Home Monitoring. Offenders may be direct sentenced to the program under a plea agreement, or screened for participation after 2/3 of their sentence has been completed (Note: this process is only used when the jail population is close to maximum capacity). Offenders must have a local residence and be able to pay program costs in order to participate. All offenders assigned to this program must pay a $50.00 set-up fee, and a daily fee based on the type of supervision ordered by the Court.


The purpose of the Work Release Program is to allow non-violent misdemeanor and low-level felony offenders to serve their jail time in a manner that is productive for the offender and the community. In this program, offenders are allowed to leave the jail to go to work for up to 12 hours each day, 6 days per week. All time spent away from the jail must be pre-approved based on verification of schedules by the employer. The Work Release Coordinator will determine the amount to be paid and a payment schedule will be set up at the time of acceptance into the program. Sentences of less than 30 days will require full payment at the time of acceptance with a minimum accepted sentence of 10 days. Sentences greater than 30 days will be placed on a payment schedule. These fees help to reduce the expense of housing offenders, and ultimately reduce the burden on the taxpayers. You must telephone the Work Release Coordinator to make an appointment for a Work Release Interview at (970) 247-1161 then press 4 for Work Release.  Leave a message and the Coordinator will return your call. This interview must occur at least 7 to 10 days prior to the start of your jail sentence.  If you fail to complete the interview and application, you will be denied Work Release. Minimum requirements for the program are: no failure to appear in court charges, no revocations of bond, probation or parole within the last 5 years. Active restraining orders, sex offenses and violent felonies are an automatic denial to the program. You must live or own a business as well as be employed in La Plata County and your job cannot take you outside of the county. The Judge must request Work Release on the Sentencing Order or Mittimus; however, the Work Release Coordinator retains the discretion to determine whether the inmate is qualified for the program. The La Plata County Work Release Program is a very strict program and requires stringent criteria is met. YOU WILL NOT  BE AUTOMATICALLY ACCEPTED INTO THE PROGRAM! If you have any questions, please call our office before your sentence date.